Small Canvas
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Series of Small canvases, 27 x 35 cm.

Postcard collectibles
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Small paintings with a big impact. The thick, quick brushstrokes create a dynamic image, featuring characters and celebrities such as Wonder Woman and Jane Fonda, Batman or Brigitte Bardot.

Sheet canvases
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Acrylic on unstretched canvas, varying dimensions

Rodeo Joe
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Mixed media on paper

Superhero originals
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Acrylic and charcoal on 300g watercolour paper. Natural oak recessed box frames

Figurer le féminin
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‘Figurer le feminin’ is a new body of work, based either on random observation, acquaintance,film or the fashion pages of magazines. All works are acrylic on 300g paper or card varying in size (14,8 x 21cm/50 x 70cm/ 75x 110cm).

Pinnocchio on Paper
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Mixed media on paper

Artist's books
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Karen THOMAS / Stéphane MALLARMÉ Le Nénuphar blanc Editions Luis Casinada, Montpellier, 2013 17 folios, 17 x 17 cm 'A Shelley' Karen THOMAS/Jean COCTEAU Editions Luis Casinada, Montpellier, 1998 Fonds Cocteau, Musée Paul Valéry

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Works in situ
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Works in situ

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